It’s taken 38 years in advertising and marketing.

Agencies, McCann Erickson, Chicago, J. Walter Thompson, New York, Mexico City and Cape Town, Needham, Harper & Steers Chicago, Bates Wells, Johannesburg and Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg.

Titles, Creative Directors, Managing Directors, Vice President, Chairman, Heads of Strategic Planning and owner of Michael Millsap & Associates and the highly successful, Three Sixty Marketing.

101 clients and 390 brands in three continents.

Wining international creative awards and business accolades.

Selling products such as automobiles to fast foods. Feminine

hygiene to French cognac. Furniture and internet retailers to wines. Banks to beer. Insurance companies to anti-dandruff shampoos. Electronic goods to durable goods Beauty soaps to laundry detergents.

I’ve done the time so you can do the crime.

It’s taken me 35 years in business.

Working for two companies as director, and executive chairman for a company that operates internationally in over 50 countries.

A degree in microbiology and biochemistry and with no formal marketing experience -to create a world leading top selling brand, introduce new products, save faltering ones, and steal a number of other international markets.
Because 10 years ago I commissioned Michael Millsap to steal my division’s markets. In the process I lived the same Steal-A-Market methodologies and now, practice and teach others.

I would like the opportunity, as I have others to introduce you to Steal-A-Market. I promise it will change you and your business forever.